Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Assignment that I am most proud of

        The assignment that I am most proud of from this class is doing the light painting project. At this point, I've probably said that 500 times, but it's true! I really enjoyed it! It was a brand new form of photography for me and it was really fun to learn about and try! I really like how it combines photography with drawing to make a beautiful picture! I loved this unit so much, my final book project in this class is a book full of my favorite light painting photos! It really allowed me to be as creative as possible, with interesting camera angles and cool designs. I also enjoyed doing portraits with the light painting for two reasons: One, they looked really cool, like magic or something, and two, they were so much fun to make! I got my friends to model for me and we just got to have fun! It didn't feel like, "Oh right, I have to do that project", it was more like, "Woo, I get to do this project"! I loved making this project, and I love the way it looks! It was probably my favorite assignment, not only from Photo 3, but from all of my photo classes combined!

Note: I couldn't pick just one photo, so here are my two favorites. I love the multicolor one because it has a sort of magical feel to it, which I thought was really cool to be able to create in a photo, and I love the red one because my friend is looking the camera straight one. She looks really powerful in this image.

Most memorable experiences

        One of my most memorable experiences has to be the New York City trip. It was such a blast walking around the city with everyone and taking photos all day! I saw so many new and interesting things in the city, and I also feel like I learned more about the cameras too! Before the trip, I had a fairly decent knowledge about DSLR cameras. I knew what the settings were and what they did, but that's about it. After the trip, I felt that I knew much more. I knew how to adjust my shutter speed and f-stop and keep the picture exactly how I wanted it, and I could adjust the ISO almost perfectly just by looking around me. I think that having to use it for a whole weekend really helped me understand how to use the different settings together to make great photos. I also got to bond more with my classmates which just made the rest of the year so much more fun! Not only did I get to learn about photography, but I got to be part of a great group of people who love photography.

        The other one of my most memorable experiences from this class is sitting around the table and passing the contact sheets. It's just a simple activity that we do roughly ever other class, but I really enjoyed it! I got to see what theme everyone else had picked and see how they went about photographing it. It really showed how creative everyone is! I loved seeing how people would choose the most obscure themes and the photograph them so expertly! It was also great to see how everyone's styles had changed since when we had Photo 1 together. it was very cool to see each person figuring out what style of photography they love the most, like Molly B with nature, and Charlie with portraits! I not only learned about what styles they liked, but what styles I like too. I got to see which I was best at and which I needed more practice on, and I think it helped me grow as an artist. This simple movement has really had a big impact on my photography, and it will stay with me for a long time.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Final Independent Project Reflection

          My personal connection to this project is really two things. One, I love to see and experience the four elements, whether it's through hiking, swimming, flying a kite, or having a fire. And two, I also like to find ways in which people interact with things that they really don't think of that often. I find it interesting to show people the sides of things that they don't really see. With this project, I was able to combine both of these. I photographed portraits of people that were "experiencing the elements". These pictures ranged from a scarf in the wind to playing with a hose in my backyard. I really enjoyed making the project too, and I think that gave the photos more of a personal feel.

          This project challenged me in that it was sometimes hard to think of ways to photograph the elements. I didn't know how to do fire portraits for quite a while, but then my family had a fire and I realized that it was the perfect opportunity to take my photos! It was also a bit of a challenge to get the right whether, especially for wind and water. In fact, for water, I ended up having one of my more cooperative friends run around with a hose! Despite these struggles, I really enjoyed taking these photos, and I might consider doing a similar project on my own time.

These are my favorite images from each element





Monday, May 18, 2015

Ideas for Implementing My Theme

My ideas for this project are mainly centered around portraiture with the four elements. My plan is to have some of myself and/or some of my friends to be interacting with the elements, whether that's holding a bunch of flowers or capturing someone's hair blowing in the wind. I don't want to just take pictures of the elements on their own, I want to have an actual person in the images as well. I think that this will add a more personal touch, as well as show how we encounter the four elements everyday without really thinking about it.

Critical Analysis of Flying Skirt, Sept. 15, 1954, Photography, Sam Shaw

This photograph is of Marilyn Monroe in the iconic moment of her dress flying up in the air over the air vent on the ground. Marilyn is not looking at the camera, making it seem like more of a candid picture, although technically, it was for a movie. In the background you can see another photographer trying to catch a good shot of Marilyn.

The photographer (Sam Shaw) is trying to take a photograph of Marilyn while she is filming a scene from the movie, The Seven Year Itch. Shaw uses a fast shutter speed in this image to capture the motion of the dress blowing, as well as Marilyn's facial expression. Shaw was clearly successful in that endeavor. Shaw also makes good use of the camera's flash. It allows Marilyn to be the brightest thing in the picture, directing all focus to her.

I think the photographer is trying to show the fun and almost innocence of Marilyn Monroe in this picture. Although it is posed, her emotion still looks real, and could very well be real, and it looks like she stood there by accident, showing the innocence part. The whole scene just looks very happy and energetic, and I think that this vibe adds to the overall appeal of the photograph.

I really like this photograph. It shows happiness and energy, as well as a sort of "behind the scenes" type of feeling, as it was taken on a movie set. I think the photographer did well in conveying Marilyn's emotion as well as capturing the movement and liveliness of the surroundings.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Artwork Throughout Time, Reflecting Elements

Name: Sam Shaw
Date: September 15, 1954
Title: Flying Skirt
Medium: Photography

Name: Javier Galeano
Date: August 26, 2008
Title: Rain, Rain, Go Away...
Medium: Photography

Name: Anna Gilhepsy
Date: 2004
Title: Self Portrait With Candel IV
Medium: Painting

Name: Jake Wyman
Date: No date was given.
Title: A Woman Lying In a Field of Flowers in Vermont
Medium: Photography

These four photographs are good examples that relate to my theme because they are each portraits that incorporate the four elements. The first one is the iconic image of Marilyn Monroe's dress blowing up in the air because of the vent she is standing on. This obviously shows air. The second image is a woman standing alone in the rain, showing water. The third is a painting, but it is a self portrait of the artist and a candle, showing fire. The final image is simply a woman in a field of flowers, and this shows earth. These are all similar to my own ideas of what to photograph. 


My theme is the portraiture with the four elements

The elements are earth, fire, air and water, and "element" is defined as a part or aspect of something abstract, esp. one that is essential or characteristic.

I've always been at least a little interested in the four main elements of the world and how they interact with each other. I think it would be very interesting to photograph people interacting with the elements, like standing in the rain or having their hair blowing in the wind.